Control Luxtronik Heatpump with Fibaro


  • Fibaro HC2
  • Heat pump with Luxtronik II Heating & Heat pump control with firmware lower than 3.81
  • Web server (PHP enabled)

Luxtronik II

Luxtronik II is a heating and heat pump control which can be found in various heat pump systems:

  • CTA (Switzerland)
  • alpha innotec
  • Novelan
  • Wolf

Mine has firmware version 1.76 which runs a Java Web interface.


Make sure to configure a fixed IP address or reserve an IP address for it on your Router/DHCP server and you are able to access it (use Internet Explorer because of Java issues with Chrome).

Web server

The Web server is required as interface between the Java Web interface of Luxtronik and the Fibaro system. Make sure to use a fixed IP address for your Web Server!

Create a sub folder on your Web server in the web directory and name it heating. On my Linux server the path is: /var/www/html/heating

Download the file fibaro.php and change the IP address and eventually the port (try 8888 if 8889 is not working) in the configuration part of the file:

Open the file in your Web Browser to check if data of your heat pump is gathered: http://IPADDRESS/heating/fibaro.php

Fibaro Virtual Device

Configure the virtual device

Download the Virtual Device and add it to your Fibaro HC2: Download

Change the IP address in the configuration to the IP address and port of your Web Server:

Use the virtual device

In the overview of the device you are able to see the current status:

The following control options are currently implemented:

Control your Boiler

Auto: Normal mode

Party: Heats up boiler to 50°, then sets mode automatically to Auto

Aus: Turn off

Control your Heating

Auto: Normal mode

Party: Always on

Aus: Turn off

Temp set back: Adjust your temperature by +0.5° and -0.5°

Thank you

I found a lot of information on the following web sites:


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