Best Nagios Plugins

I’ve tested all listed nagios plugins personally and they are working well.

check_httpChecks http service with various parameters like certificate expiration or looking for a specific part on a website.
check_mssql_healthVarious checks for Microsoft SQL Servers like backup age, connected users, performance and many more.
check_ntChecks Windows by using the NSClient++ as agent.
check_nwc_healthChecks various networking devices. Specific checks on Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper, F5, and many more.
check_snmp_loadChecks the load on various systems by using SNMP.
check_snmp_storageChecks storages on most systems by using SNMP.
check_snmp_winChecks service status on WIndows systems by using SNMP.
check_vmware_esxMonitors vSphere hosts and vCenters by checking the load, memory, health, volumes, etc.
NSClient++NSClient can be used on Windows systems as an agent to check various parameters like services, cpu, memory, disk space and many more. On nagios, check_nt must be installed.

If you need some more information about Nagios, have a look at this book:

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